50 stocks with bearish momentum

While the market continue to churn at these level, there are some stocks which are not actively participating in this rally. Some have broken down recently after rallies. This list essentially contains stocks with possible short sell opportunities. Not everything is at ideal sell point but you should find at least 5 good short ideas in this list.

The earning anticipation trade in August was easy trade, going forward the market might again get stuck in range. With market running in gaps, a correction is overdue, so may not be a bad time to look closely in to some short opportunities.

ACF,Americredit Corp
AF,Astoria Financial Corp
ALO,Alpharma Inc
AMD,Advanced Micro Devices
APOL,Apollo Group Inc Cl A
BF.B,Brown-forman Corp Cl B
BGG,Briggs & Stratton Corp
BK,Bank Of New York Co Inc
BRCM,Broadcom Corp Cl A
BXS,Bancorpsouth Inc
CAT,Caterpillar Inc
CECO,Career Education Corp
CIEN,Ciena Corporation
CRI,Carter Holdings Inc
CTXS,Citrix Systems Inc
DGX,Quest Diagnostics Inc
ENDP,Endo Pharmaceuticals Hld
EW,Edwards Life Sciences
EWBC,East West Bancorp Inc
FRX,Forest Laboratories Inc
GLW,Corning Inc
GYI,Getty Images Inc
IFIN,Investors Fin Svcs Cp
IN,Intermec Inc
JNC,Nuveen Investments Inc Cl A
LEG,Leggett & Platt Inc
LM,Legg Mason Inc
MOLX,Molex Inc
MOLXA,Molex Inc Class A
MON,Monsanto Co
MOT,Motorola Inc
OSK,Oshkosh Truck Corp
PKG,Packaging Corp Of Amer
PPC,Pilgrim's Pride Corp
RDN,Radian Group
SGMS,Scientific Games Corp
SLM,Slm Corp
SNDK,Sandisk Corp
STJ,Saint Jude Medical Inc
TRI,Triad Hospitals Inc
TRID,Trident Microsystems Inc
TRMB,Trimble Navigation Ltd
TXN,Texas Instruments Inc
UB,Unionbancal Corporation
UHS,Universal Health Svcs B
UTIW,UTI Worldwide Inc
VRTX,Vertex Pharmaceuticals
WL,Wilmington Trust Corp
WMG,Warner Music Group Corp
YHOO,Yahoo! Inc


walter said...

thanks - will investigate this time, didnt last time - too busy with work and rebuilding house...!

walter said...

any insights on the REIT stock sector?

SPG, IYR, ARE, etc...

at all time highs, etc.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I don't actively track REITS

walter said...

i am in discussion with some stock friends, does zachs or anyone else track the pre and post sept earnings estimates for individual stocks?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes Zacks does it. Thomson does it. Bloomberg has it. There is an entire industry catering to earning based strategies. Starmine is one of the highly respected one used by many.