Getting a market feel

Update: I have set up the group at Google groups and sent out invites to those who were interested.

Yesterday's chat was interesting with reader from Ukraine , Germany, Canada and USA joining in. Sometime during the week I will elaborate on some of the topics discussed. Here is a quick summary of what was discussed in bullet point form.
  • Getting a market feel is combination of past tendencies, back testing and skill.
  • Earning plays and how to trade them
  • What do I think of day trading
  • Why I am giving away secrets
  • Are you going to start a newsletter
  • If it works why hedge funds are not using it
  • Risk management
  • How to improve trading performance
  • How to set up for data mining
  • Some individual stock discussion about JOYG, HANS, NTRI and gold stocks
  • Small caps or large caps
  • Low priced shares or high priced shares
  • IBD CANSLIM method
  • The Boucher short term trading method
Next time we will have better technology. In the meanwhile I am going to act on one of the suggestion to have a online group by invitation to interact on some of these issues. I will be setting up a group on Google Groups to facilitate this. So if you are interested email me for invite.

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