Wallstrip Duh

If you have noticed lot of bloggers have been promoting the Wallstip site in recent weeks. Today it is up and running with an episode on Apple stock. They say Apple is up because of retail outlets. That is utter nonsense.

Apple is up because it has new product and earning acceleration as a result of that. The correct graph of Apple would be with earnings superimposed. The worst kept secret on the street is earning drives stock prices.

Going by the first episode its a dud and the anchor looks silly, it is poorly scripted and the jokes fall flat. Very amateurish thing.

The so called expert commentary by bloggers is even worse. If investors are going to invest based on this then all the best. As long as this kind of uninformed non sense continues, traders with edge do not have to worry.


tapeworm said...

i agree...the chic was cute...but not enough to keep me coming back...a ton of traders are involved with this, so i was hoping for something else...not sure what, but what i saw was definitely not it

Pradeep Bonde said...

It was hyped up so much that when it debuted, it had to atleast live up to the hype. It failed badly in first episode. The chic is ok but no eye candy.
Plus viewing tons of Youtube videos everyday most peole can now understand good video from mediocre. It tried to copy Rocketboom. The analysis was even poor.
What is it at the end of the day a blog aggregator with a video as hook. They will make some money out of advertising, but there are so many trying to do the same thing.
We have worked so hard is never a good excuse for poor show.