Denial ain't just a river in Egypt

There are bulls, there are bears and then there are clueless who blindly follow a bullish or a bearish guru.

One of the trick of being a successful guru and to keep your followers still under your spell is to deny alternative reality.

You can see live examples of that on many sites currently. Many followers have realised guru is fraud. Trader Mike has in his links a link about: Great Comment Over on the Perma-Bear Blog

Those apprenticed investors who relied on the advise of such bears are realising their mistake now.

Another prominent guru also has series of comments like that on his blog. Does it affect the gurus. No. How do they react. By denying reality.
But Only Dow is going up
But only few Stocks in DOW are going up
But This is all liquidity driven rally
But earnings don't matter
But Alcoa earning is down
But jobs have not grown so this rally is all head fake
But the DOW is not cheap
But those who are buying housing stocks at this level are just fools
But I am the only real contrarian

No wonder some of these gurus appear weekly on CNBC, from where they gain their clueless followers.


walter said...

i guess the markets will never go down again...

Unknown said...

Of course, it is a Bull market.

Pradeep Bonde said...

That is why if you have to follow a guru atleast follow a bullish guru. Probability of making money is higher