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A steady recovery

Markets have so far laughed away the sub prime blues. After a panicky move down, market started recovering and in last two weeks, it has slowly reversed to a level where 65 days ratio is at the threshold of turning around.

There is also a change in leadership with technology and in particular large cap technology stocks leading the way. In recent days the more speculative , biotechnology sector has also been witnessing number of breakouts.

Anticipating a dip at current levels. How the market handles the dip will tell you a lot about market characteristics.


The Crew said...


Does your work go back to summer of 2006 and was the 65 day ratio bearish until Post 8/16/06?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes. In August 2006 the 65 days ratio turned positive in first week of August before the move higher started.
Data before 2007 is not in excel but in hard copies.

F-Trader said...

No disrespect, but how long you been expecting a dip? Ironically, your measures show bullishness right before market pukes?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Market Monitor is not for day traders.

F-Trader said...

I'm trying to learn to use it for intermediate-term timing. What is the buy signal?

Vishal said...

Pradeep was cautious a few days before the July 24th selloff. If u check his posts from the last week of July, u will notice how he kept saying that it was time to lock in the profits.

The 65 day bull/bear ratio is one of the indicators for a buy signal. Read the Market Monitor posts on the right side of the blog.


levy13 said...

Can someone post the exact TC2000 scan codes for the market monitor?