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FT Alphavile has links to Morgan Stanley strategist in Europe, Teun Draaisma's call on Europe market. It is a long analysis and makes interesting reading.

For a taste of the Morgan Stanley strategist, the best place to start is to click here. Or go straight to the full text of his latest note to clients using the links below.
Article Series - BUY BUY BUY

1. says Morgan Stanley's Draaisma
2. Draaisma's 'Think Big' - I
3. Draaisma's 'Think Big' - II
4. Draaisma's 'Think Big' - III
5. Draaisma's 'Think Big' - IV
6. Morgan Stanley's Super Bull

The basic hypothesis is this was a correction in bull market and we are far from top in equities ( for Europe).


Trading Goddess said...


"Due to overwhelming response, no more new members are being accepted."

Are you saying that having too many people join your private site will somehow reduce the quality of the private site? I guess I am not understanding what is overwhelming about it.

christmasfern said...


This membership thing feels like a betrayal in some way. Didnt you write something once about sites that charge for access and how it can end up decaying the quality of the site because the writer gains a source of income that is independant of trading ability? It seems like your selling out to me.

If you needed to cover costs associated with running the site i could definately understand selling advertising or accepting donations. I would gladly donate as the money is inconsequential but i resent 1st class and 2nd class system you now have.

To me reading your site, particularly when i first found it, was an awakening. I was already successful but your methodology on trading earnings really made me much better. I was already doing a lot of the things you do but it was like everything just came into sharp focus when i read through all your archives. Teaching people new ways of thinking is really the only way to teach this stuff and you have done that here unlike any other blog ive ever seen.

"You teach a man to fish, you feed him for life"

Theres an element of what Pradeep does that goes beyond buying whatever his filters give you.
I think you reach that level of ability when you can eventually let go of this site. I think one of the things ive learned from this blog is that your own personal opinion must be far above that of all others.

intelqubed said...

I must say that I am dissappointed that you are pulling some of your content to a private member only area. But I do understand. While recent viewers (about 3 months) like myself were very content with the information that you were bringing forth, I did notice that a lot of people want something for nothing. During the Earnings Period it was like "Add this column, add that column!", I was getting frustrated for you. I was thinking to myself, "They do not realize what a wonderful resource this blog is in its current form without putting any additional requirements on the author who is putting out more info that you will get anywhere for free." I will continue to read your free blog and follow the IBD 200 method (as I am a subscriber). It was a wonderful experience in that you did open my eyes to that method of trading and I will continue to refine my own techniques. Thanks for all you have done.

Scott said...

Holy Cow, you whiners. Pradeep has shared a wealth of information for over a year. You don't think the knowledge that he's put together through hard work and brain power is worth 50 bucks? Come on.

Krisampath said...

Pradeep, you could have made this transition from free to fee paying ( donation ) model with a more considerate and thoughtful manner.

You never clearly explained how to sign up for members only area and then when it became clear that you expect a donation , you said that you already have more members than you can handle.
I think that you did not handle this tastefully, and hurt many of your loyal readers of the past.

Pradeep Bonde said...


No, The ability to handle that many requests in short period of time and infrastructure to handle it is what I am working on. Hopefully by weekend will have replied to all those who donated so far and emailed or sent payment by other means. So next week beginning will open up the membership for those who want.

yes it is selloff. Voluntary efforts died natural death and so some of those involved in voluntary effort wanted to continue and from that is where the donation based site idea originated. The other problem with voluntary efforts was as intelquebed said, there were many requests to customize it to the requests of everyone , in the process the main focus was lost.

You can email me. Many people sent payments aftetwards and I honored all their requests.


Semsons said...

I appreciate and thank the many thinks Pradeep has shared with us. This has been my favorite blog for a good while. I've learnt a lot reading Pradeep comments, and I feel gratitude toward Pradeep.

However, I have to admit I feel disappointed and think this has not been a polite form to create the newsletter. I must confess I even don't know whether the newsletter area will suffer also sudden changes in the future.

I've never done a single buck with Pradeep methods and probably I'll never do, so I'll take a pass on the membership in the near future.

Logic always rules; now the subscribers will be more demanding and this will bring some of the consequences Pradeep pointed out once.


QUIKTDR said...

I hope this step may motivate some contribution to the site. I have attempted on numerous occassions to open a thread but did not receive any cooperation. Thus, Pradeep is forced to do all the work and deserves to be remunerated.

QUIKTDR said...

Unfortunately, when one tries to open a forum they expect others to add and comment on content not just be a lurker.
I have attempted numerous times to open threads and create an ongoing method of communique. I received no support and thus Pradeep is forced to take on all of the aspects of running his blog.

Trading Goddess said...

Thank you Pradeep for explaining that to me! I thought you were quite capable, and so I was wondering what that meant. :)

I wish you much success!

Pradeep Bonde said...

I had modest expectations that at best 20 to 30 people who are really committed will sign up in total , but in first 2-3 hours over ten times that number of people signed up, which made it difficult to handle the volume.
Sometime life surprises you.