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Caution Time

  • The Market Monitor is signaling a correction/pullback in next 1-5 days time frame.
  • Broadening of the rally continues with over 223 stocks in breakout scan vastly outnumbering the down movers. Stocks up 25% or more has surpassed 1000 and is steadily improving since the green signal.
  • If you are following any of the momentum based system or any of the methods mentioned here, your problem in last few weeks is not lack of opportunities but too many opportunities. With so many stocks going up 25% or more in such a short period of time, it has been extremely profitable few weeks.
  • The Chinese party is cooling down, now that the grandmas in Timbuktu's have started noticing them. But fresh set of China stocks still offered good opportunities.
  • Because the rally continues to broaden, there are still fresh set of breakout which are starting out their rallies and are in buy zones.
  • If you have sound and well set methodology, you should be enjoying this market. Those who keep complaining frankly have no set method or their method are not aligned to market opportunities.