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Market Monitor

  • Bulls are clearly in control with over 250 breakouts on upside. There was some pulback and nasty reversals on some names, but at the end of day bulls were firmly in control.
  • At some stage the short term players will start locking in their profit and we should see a reaction in a day or two.
  • If you are under invested or scared of chasing 4 or 5 dollar breakouts, you will have to be just patient , when market seems like runaway train, at some stage reactions do happen and offer better lower risk entries. That is the nature of the market.
  • It is clearly a broad based the advance as all indicators are showing. The indicator to watch currently is stocks up 50% or more in month, once it starts galloping past 20, a reaction is high probability.


Hector Rivera said...

Im not complaining, just the last couple months the market felt manipulated, something weird about it, you could look at charts, but i couldnt figure out. Like a big famous trader said "get out and ask questions later". Just found out Goldman Sacks and many others was shorting all the mortgages positions, they same stuff they were selling investors and all the way big time!!!What a coincidence SEC eliminated the UPTICK rule in June. Just amazing what Mr Market tells you without saying a word by watching him every day

Hector Rivera said...

( 100 * (C - C1) / C1) >= 4... I mean, what the #4 stands for?

Pradeep Bonde said...