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India Opportunity

As most regular reader know, I just came back from India and has been following the Indian markets for long time. The opportunity in India is a secular theme for investors with probable 10 to 20 years time horizon. There are several risks but as the second fastest growing economy in the world currently, it offers long term investors a good place to put their money to work.

The Times of London has a collection of stories about India under special section : Global India.

India’s economy is the second fastest-growing in the world, reporting GDP growth of more than 9 per cent a year, not far behind China, with more than 11 per cent growth. The United Nations predicts that by 2050 India will surpass China as the world’s most populous nation, partly because of China’s one-child policy and an improvement in India’s infant mortality rate. In this special section we explore the stories behind the facts

It is pretty insightful series. Having just seen some of these things first hand and being currently involved in researching more India investment opportunities, this series of articles offer some helpful trends.


ivanhoff said...

What do you think of IPATH ETNS (ISN)
YTD return = 23.5%
Overview: The investment seeks to track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the MSCI India Total Return Index. The index is a free float-adjusted market capitalization index that is designed to measure the market performance of Indian securities. It is currently comprised of the top 68 companies by market capitalization listed on the Nation Stock Exchange of India. The fund is nondiversified.

Jack said...

Any other India ETF's that look interesting?

Vishal said...


FNI China India combo

Vishal said...

also forgot the Mathews India fund, dunno the ticker, but u should be able to google it.

Pradeep Bonde said...

IFN and IIF are two other options.Morgan Stanley is in the prcess of launching new India fund soon according to news reports.

For Non Resident Indians (NRI) there are lot more options. As a NRI , investing directly in the Indian market or through Indian mutual funds is better option and more profitable.

Vishal said...
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Vishal said...

As far as expense ratios go I think MINDX is the cheapest option for buy and hold investors.

IFN - the India Fund Inc. (expense ratios are from morningstar) The fund has done really well but has an expense ratio of 2.74%.

IIF - Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund with an expense ratio of 2.5%.

ETGIX - Eaton Vance Greater India Fund. According to both Morningstar and Fidelity, this is a fund that charges front end load for balances less than a million dollars. It also has management fees, 12-b1 fees, an expense ratio of 2.77%.

MINDX - Mathews India Fund. It has a 90 day redemption fee. It has an administrative fee of .25% and management fee of .75%.