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Stocks to watch

Stock to watch will be a daily feature. Depending on market circumstances the list will have anywhere from 1-20 candidates. The stocks are an outcome of a combination of factors like earnings trends, relative strength, one year price growth,65 days price growth, appreciation potential and price and volume action. This is a multi factor stock selection system. I have been putting this together and testing it for last many months and it combines many previous learning's.

This is a new system I plan to trade for one account. The identified stocks have a near term appreciation potential and primarily for those looking for multi day or multi month moves.

ADPI,American Dental Partners (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
AFCE,AFC Enterprises Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
AGR,Agere Systems (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
ASR,Grupo Aeroport Del Surst (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CEN,Ceridian Cp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
DV,Devry Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
FPIC,Fpic Insurance Group Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
HIMX,Himax Technologies Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
LSI,Lsi Logic Corp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
ROLL,RBC Bearings Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
SPEC,Spectrum Control Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TRLG,True Religion Apparel Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)


paulin said...

Just wanted to get your thoughts on CALM, on how would you position yourself if at all. I noticed it had amazing earnings, and was trying to anticipate the move staying on sidelines. I understand why you give importance to the 65-day avg and it is infact overextended on it and wouldn't prolly show up on your screens. However, wouldn't the 65-day be extended on most of the stocks making 200-300-400% moves? Unless you got in on the 1st breakout, how would you time your entry lets say after a 100% move. Or would that basically be not a tradale equity in your scheme of things?

Pradeep Bonde said...

I look at 65 day growth not 65 day MA. On a 100% plus move along the way stock will have weakness/consolidation for 65 days and then resume move. So by selecting such stocks you are catching probable start of new up trend.
While relative strength on longer time frame is good, on shorter time frame it leads to reversal. So one improves ones chances by timing entry on longer term relative strength play with short (65 day) lower relative strength.