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Market Monitor

Markets changed tone a bit with small caps experiencing number of breakouts. But momentum has deteriorated as indicated by both 50% plus in month and 25% plus in month. Many breakouts are not following through.

Market Monitor

Total 4% plus bullish breakouts = 105

Total 4% plus bearish breakouts = 42

65 day bullish/bearish ratio = 964/236

Stocks up 50% or more in a month = 5

Stocks up 25% or more in a month = 61

Number of stocks with 100% plus move = 445

Number of stocks up 200% or more = 91

4% plus signals for 100plus universe = 34

4% plus signals for 200plus universe = 5

4% plus moves on stocks up 100% plus
AKS,Ak Steel Holding Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ARQL,Arqule Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CITP,Comsys It Partners Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CNH,Cnh Global Nv (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CYNO,Cynosure Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FRPT,Force Protection Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FTEK,Fuel Tech Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FTK,Flotek Industries Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
IDSA,Industrial Svcs Of Amer (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
IIG,Imergent Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
INXI,INX Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ISTA,Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
KRSL,Kreisler Manufacturing (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
LNX,Lenox Group Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MEDI,Medimmune Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MTOX,Medtox Scientific (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
NFI,Novastar Financial Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
NGA,N Amer Galvanizing & Coatings (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PRGX,Prg-schultz Intl Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PRKR,Parkervision Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RYI,Ryerson Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SGEN,Seattle Genetic (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SLP,Simulations Plus Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
TBSI,TBS International Limited Class A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
USAP,Universal Stain & Alloy (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
VII,Vicon Industries Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart

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