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Why no newsletter

I get lot of emails asking for a newsletter. I do not have any newsletter and no intention of starting one in near future. My intention has always been to make profit from trading. There are at least 2-3 newsletters for every trader currently.

Newsletter involves lots of work plus marketing. Marketing is 90% of the effort in newsletters. Besides that it requires lot of day to day administration. I can make more money in trading than running a newsletter.

Second most successful traders who start newsletter see their trading results go
down.As newsletter becomes more successful the writers trading returns deteriorate. The newsletter income creates a sense of assurance which leads to losing focus on trading. Possibly you lose the killer instinct to eke out living from trading.

Third when you get in to newsletter you start picking safer stocks, so as not to loose your face and your risk taking ability decreases. That is also one of the reason newsletter writers externalize the problem, blaming market conditions. So in essence they cover their ass.

Newsletter writing is the safer option, trading is the more riskier and more profitable option.

Later: Why coaching and mentoring does not work in trading .....


Buza said...

You are awesome! I am a new investor and i have learned more on your blog and how straightforward you are about techniques to make money in stock... Thankx!!

Pradeep Bonde said...


Flatwallet said...


I look forward to the Coaching and Mentor article. BTW, good job on the longer term trades. I need to spend sometime undertstanding the core of your methodology. It looks pretty good.


gosu said...

This is what works for me in Trading:
Watch the market 24/7.
Watch the futures 24/7
Watch the international markets 24/7

Very soon, you get a pulse of the markets and can easily predict the moves.

The Sound said...

'There are at least 2-3 newsletters for every trader currently.'

This too, will change...