Sucker's Rally

A few months after the market hit a rough patch, the shares are back within striking distance of their yearly high. The one trade which has worked is buying the dips. The news has been uniformely disastrous all along with wars, high oil prices, housing crash, Iraq, job/pay growth, you name it and yet the market has climbed a wall of worry.

Look at what was being touted as reasons for impending and immediate crash: inflation, rising interest rates, slower growth, and a new inexperienced Fed Chairman. The bear want to dismiss this rally as a sucker's rally. As if it was immoral to profit from it.

In the meanwhile you could still have made money if you were not married to some vague market hypothesis. You would have still made money if you had a trading system based on proven market tendencies. You could have still made money if you had tracked and followed good earnings plays or momentum plays.

It always pays to buy when there is blood on the street and everyone else panics.

What next for market. High probability of correction.

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