The secret newsletter

I am also watching shipping. The triple witching season will make trading a tad tricky but there are some very good opportunities that I am finding. Many things that have broken out of long term ranges will have legs. There will be pullbacks along the way but you can not always count on them.

The strategy of anticipating what sector is likely to be in play is working. Expect more sectors to stabilise and sectors with heavy short interest to offer some good squeeze opportunities.

I have number of emails asking for specific stocks, but I do not want to get in to it for various reason. The most important being is the methodology is important not the specific stock. Second everyone has different risk profile. Third I might get better execution or might be already in the stock. I may exit positions and may not talk about them here.

When I talk about sector I am referring to sectors as defined by TC2007 database. So when I say transport it includes Airline,, Air freight, Trucking and Railroads. Those who have tc2007 know what I am talking about. Some databases have different stocks under Transport.

As always do not trade based on anything written here. And there is no newsletter service I offer. This is not one elaborate ploy to get you to sign up for it. There are no secrets, everything is what it is, some of the old posts contain many details about methodology.

One more thing no more Paris Hilton P**** and Anna Kournikova boobs. I am shorting them. Looking for new babes to go long!! Your suggestions are welcome.

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