If you want good analysis head outside of USA

There is no shortage of analysis about what is happening in the economy and the market. Newspapers, TV channels, Magazines and blogs have so many analyst and op-ed writers offering their take on market and economy. But if you are looking for good insights head outside of USA.

The USA analyst and market commentators suffer from overdose of marketing think. Most analyst are salesman first ( pitching their books, newsletters or consultancy services). Analysis is just a tool to market themselves.

The other big problem is that the media is so polarised now ,that most of what you read is propaganda. I can summarise a Paul Krugman column on any topic in one line- Bush is evil. No matter what the topic is it all boils down to that. Most other newspapers are also in the same league. Most of what passes as economic analysis is big harangue about how Bush is evil or how America is doomed, how an average American is incapable of making any correct decision, how America is losing its competitiveness and so on. In short everything is wrong with America. That is an opinion not an analysis.

If you want good analysis read some of the British and international publications. They are more balanced and offer different perspective. Every day I read the British newspapers, they have some of the best commentary. The Economist in my opinion is one of the best magazine to read for getting a global view.

My daily reading list:
The Times
The Moscow Times
The Australian
Business Times

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