Free stock trades

This will be interesting concept. The brokerage commission is trending down for many years. This should shake up the industry if it takes off. But I have my doubts whether this will succeed. Most people base their decision on stock brokers on number of factors besides the price of trade. Reliability is the key. So lets wait and see.

Morten Lund, the guy who was the earliest backers of Skype is at it again. He has financed Zecco, a start-up that will allow consumers to trade stocks for zero commissions, versus $10 to $20 that many online brokers charge today. Other investors in the company include former Dutch Coca Cola CEO Pier Baarsma and Soren Kenner former chairman of McCann Erickson MRM Europe

CEO Jeroen Veth, a 37 year old entrepreneur and former Merrill Lynch Vice President is heading up the company and contends that most of the old school online brokers spend too heavily on marketing and thus have to charge higher prices. Lund and crew believe that the actual trade costs about $2 and if they can lower the cost of marketing to near zero, they can offer zero commission trading. They will make money with what else - advertising.

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