Cryptic clues

Hot hot hot

Any gap up tomorrow will be aggressively sold.

Very few easy bounce like Transport and brokers remaining. But there are some I am excited about for tomorrow.

Retail is hot. Technology is hot. Lodging is hot.Even housing stocks are hot. Cubans and Puerto Ricans are hot!!

Biotech should join the party at some point.

At individual stock level, there is no risk in buying good set ups.

All the major bears are married to a thesis and would rather be proven right than make money.

Stock selection will again pay rich dividend. Look for Earning and sales out performers and sectors which are still clinging to top of range.

If the market rallies can Google be far off. 600, 600, 600

If the market falls from here , you will get lot of situations where the stocks will rally back to resistance and tumble. One such candidate I shorted today.

I have my list of low risk entry stocks with bounce potential for tomorrow ready. (Cryptic clues are hidden somewhere)

Do not trade based on any of the above non sense.

Note:Those who are still looking for the cryptic clue- it is iron and steel.

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