Think process flow

Individual trades do not matter. Learn process flows. If you learn process flow you will be able to replicate a trade or understand what is involved in finding a trade.
Once you understand process flow you will be able to build your own process template and make it efficient.
Process orientation is extremely important for developing procedural memory. Procedural memory is a memory of a procedure. It is stored in your brain as one muscle sequence. In a flash the brain can then recall entire process.
Once you become process oriented the cognitive load will decrease. Follow traders and people here or anywhere else only if they are transparent about their process flow.
Developing procedural memory is the key to becoming successful trader. Procedural memory is built through repeated practice. But before you get to repeated practice you should have right process. Else you become good at wrong process and then you need to erase those procedural memories and rebuilt right procedural memory.
Procedural memories are enduring memories and we do not forget procedural things easily. If you learned to ride a bike as child it becomes permanent part of you. Same way once you develop a setup specific memories they become permanent part of you.
Search the site for information on procedural memory. There is lot of info on it.

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