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How to build an enduring edge?

Anyone can find one or two trades randomly or by luck
Anyone can find few trades by following a newsletter or alert service
Anyone can find few profitable trade by following trades posted on Stocktwits
That does not give you an enduring edge.
Edge is about consistently finding trades after trades and beating the market year after year.
Edge is about setting up your trade factory so that trades are churned out of it on regular basis.
Edge is about becoming a manual maker and not a manual follower
Edge is about adopting your methods when market change
If you want to be a successful trader then you need to build an enduring edge....
How many of you want to build an enduring edge?
When you decide to do that you will approach the trading problem very differently. You will ask different kind of questions. You will have a plan to build the edge.
If you spend six month in 2011 building an enduring edge it will pay you for a lifetime.

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