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How to front run my trades

Lasertrader is a member of Stockbee site and he has developed a method to  front run my trades by anticipating breakouts on stocks with high momentum. You can read his entire post on his site. It is also part of the Stockbee Trading Guide section.

How to find good setups before 4% breakouts by Lasertrader

Posted by lasertrader on December 19, 2010
I have the ultimate respect for Stockbee and his service. I have learned more from him to give me an edge than any other “mentor” in all the years I have been trading. Here is a copy of a post I made in his private subscription blog that has been made permanent in his Trading Guide. If you haven’t heard of Stockbee, you should check out his free blog and consider subscribing to his service. Its not a stock picking service. He teaches you how to do it yourself. You need to make a commitment to change if you want to profit from his teachings.
How I get the jump on getting into stocks that end up in the Stockbee Trend intensity Scans.
I thought I would share my methods on how I get into stocks earlier that end up in the Stockbee Trend Intensity Breakout list. As an example I will use BRKR which showed up on last night’s Trend Intensity video. If you look at my twitter stream you will see that I tweeted that out on Saturday and was able to enter it yesterday at 15.58. There is no doubt that the stocks that end up in the Trend Intensity scan can run for 2 to 3 days but with Telechart delayed scans and scanning intraday, the stock has already run 4% by the time you see it and by the time you put the buy order in it often has run a lot more.
Stockbee has trained us to quickly recognize chart patterns that lead to good moves. Contrary to what is discussed here, Dan Zanger only uses the $1 move strategy for intraday scalping. The way he makes his money is scanning a list of charts each night looking for specific patterns, deciding on buy points and during the day when the buy point is hit and the pattern is playing out he checks volume and buys if volume is supporting the pattern play. This takes some elbow grease but if you are willing to do it you can get into the Trend Intensity plays 4% or more earlier than the Telechart scans will get you in.
To do this I go through this process. Each weekend I load the following lists into Telechart. continued....

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