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So what is special about Stockbee? What am I learning from Stockbee that I have not learned from others? There are hundreds of newsletters, informational sites, trade alert services and coaching outfits to choose from... I have tried several of them and Stockbee is far superior for the following three reasons:
1)  I am getting a deep understanding about MARKET STRUCTURE. What really goes on underneath those green and red bars. What works, what does not. Specifically, what is the one enduring phenomenon that decade after decade proves itself repeatedly and used correctly, can be handsomely profitable. Once I understood this phenomenon, Pradeep showed me how to use it to "extract profit" from the market... and it works!
2)  I am getting a deep understanding about what steps I need to take to become a consistently out-performing trader. Concepts such as self-efficacy,  mastery and situational awareness are key concepts that must be internalized prior to out-performance. Pradeep beats these concepts into me each and every day and they are becoming second nature.
3)  Pradeep is in the trenches with all the subscribers. Unlike most others, Pradeep is not an unreachable "black box". He's right out there! I know exactly what trades he is taking and whether or not he succeeds because he shares his trades real time. I know when he succeeds, I know when he fails. There's great transparency. We go up together, down together. And he answers emails. And he isn't afraid to set subscribers straight when we go off track -- sometimes a mild beating is a good thing!
I highly recommend Stockbee although it would also be nice to keep Pradeep all to ourselves too!

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