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Member Feedback

Ending the year with 98.5% gains.. (Majority came from GOOG option bomb.) 

If I remove my options bomb then overall returns comes down to 48.2%. 

401K account up by 56%.. 

Thanks to GURU on his innovative strategy.. 

Works perfect for me as I  can choose any Mutual Fund



Bill said...

Would this information (401k planning) be available to those who become members?

Pradeep Bonde said...

The simple method is detailed on member site. The method is based on momentum and market timing.

The method is primarily for those who are interested in aggressively building wealth. It is not for those who are primarily in wealth protection mode.

The method steps are very simple and the entire guidelines for it are less than one page.

Any 401k method needs to be customized to your own fund choices and rules.

It requires some effort to understand the method fr most people as it involves unlearning many long held beliefs.

It is specific to my situation. You may have different circumstances and constrains and you need to customize method to suit those circumstances.

I have a constrain of only 27 funds available. Out of that 11 are target date funds or bond funds. So effective choice is only 16 funds. The other restriction is I have to hold a fund for minimum of a month to avoid frequent trading rule.

This method is not for you if you get ants in pants every time market dips or goes up a lot. I make money in this by catching a big trend.

This method is also not for you if you are too concerned with fund fees. I select the fund likely to move the most irrespective of its cost.

This method is not for you if you do not understand how momentum works and how to make it work for you.

The method is not for you if you are scared of holding single fund.

All in all yes the members site details it , but to make it work for you there is work involved to make it fit your own company 401k fund choices and rules.

Mike C said...


Quick question. What is an "option bomb"? I'm pretty familiar with options trading as I do a lot of credit spreads, some condors, but I've never heard of an "option bomb" strategy. Just wondering if I am missing out on a particular strategy that is highly effective (given that it accounted for a good chunk of your overall annual gains).

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I don't trade option. This particular member trades option and he posts his trade real time. Time Bomb is a Butterfly strategy popularized by Dan Sheridan.

If you search for Time Bomb Butterfly you should find lot of info on it.

If you need more info email me and I will put you in touch with the member who is resident expert on it.