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How I Plan to Use Stockbee's Breakout Methods

Another blog started by a new member detailing some of the methods used....

One of my 2011 goals was to implement new trading methods to my existing strategies. Since I exclusively traded mean reversion in 2010 and missed out on a number of great breakouts, I decided to include a breakout trading strategy for 2011. About two weeks ago, I found the Stockbee blog and @easyguru on Twitter, and began reading about his methodologies. I eventually purchased his subscription blog to get the full gamut of information.
The main idea is to buy stocks breaking out and to capture a 10 - 20+ % move in a few days. I created a "StockBee Breakout Scan" in Amibroker. I don't even get Investor's Business Daily anymore. I'm trying to find these stocks strictly through my scan.

He details how he set it up using Amibroker.....

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