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Personal Effectiveness Blog

Personal Effectiveness Blog

As there is lot of psychology related discussion on this site which is not directly related to trading, I continuously get emails and requests for focusing on this subject daily or asking for books or resources on the topics.
As there is overwhelming demand for this topic I am starting a new site focused on psychology for day to day life for Stockbee blog readers.
The blog will focus on personal effectiveness, leadership, motivation, self efficacy, expertise development and other related topics.

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Andy said...

Keeping those emotions in check whilst trading has been a tough lesson. In terms of personal effectiveness I guess my productivity is low as I paper trade and study. It's so easy to get sucked into material that only gives you half the story before selling you something. I like your blog, packed with content that will keep me busy for ages. One tip I got is to use a stopwatch, set it to 30 mins and read as much as you can on a single topic, then take a 10 minute break, then for a further 15 mins list as much as you can recall. Finally put the list in order of importance for further study.