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Finally a rollover on high volume

Market Monitor
Market monitor is market breadth
based market timing tool

Current Readings
Market is in correction.

Type IndicatorValue Comments

Daily# of stocks up >4% on high volume58
1 stocks with 100 million plus dollar volume.(M$V)

Daily# of stocks down>4% on high volume 635Finally a 500 plus day.
The dollar volume 100 million plus b/o had 77 stock today.
Bulk of them are financial stocks.
Leaders have started to breakdown.

more positions if weakness develops.
The first phase of fast selling in any weakness
can be harmful to open position.
We saw that today.
Once that passes, one can get back in.
Stocks which are resisting the corrections
are worth keeping an eye on.
Primary# of stocks up >25% in a quarter1561
Primary# of stocks down>25% in a quarter396

Secondary # of stocks up> 50% in a month5At this rate we will be bullish on this in days. Reading below
Secondary # of stocks down>50% in a month0In ideal scenario you would want this to climb to 20 so that
you can then expect a counter trend bounce.
Secondary # of stocks up>25% in a month56Rapid deterioration in this.
Highest readings was 875 in last 20 days.
Secondary # of stocks down>25% in a month62.
# of stocks up>13% in 34 days1509 This will be the first ratio to turn negative in correction.
# of stocks down>13% in 34 days1047
MMA+% of stocks in confirmed uptrend58
MMA-% of stocks in confirmed downtrend 16
10 day
#of stocks up> 4% in last 10 days/
#of stocks down>4% in last 10 days
A reading of below 0.5 on this will confirm bearish trend.


Crow said...

Hi, I love this blog. Keep up the good work! What are your thoughts on the extent of the correction?? Reagarding the S & P 500, I see some pretty solid support at 980; Do you it see going down below that?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Maybe a 10% plus correction is what I am looking at currently.
But individual stocks can still offer long opportunities for example the gold stocks today.Or the paper stocks. So I am still focused on stock selection.