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How to find stocks with momentum

If you are short term swing trader, you need to be in stocks with momentum. Easy way to find such stocks in Telechart is by running a six month and two month momentum scan to generate a list of stocks.

In Telechart set up following PCF:

Six Month momentum
C / AVGC126
Two month momentum

C / AVGC42
Volume 3 days
MINV3.1 > 1000
In easyscan set up 2 easyscans
Six month momentum
Common Stocks
Six month momentum PCF set to list Rank >97
Volume 3 days =true
Price per share>3
Two Month Momentum
Two month momentum PCF set to list Rank >97
Volume 3 days =true
Price per share>3
Now look at the stocks in these two lists. These are the stocks currently favored by the market. To find trades from this you can sort the scan output by Price Percent Change 5 days and look at stocks with less than 5% price change in last five days. Those stocks are having a small pullback in their strong trend.

Here is a example of a quick swing trade on BEXP using this kind of momentum approach:


renu said...


could you please tell what are the signs of topping out of market as market always gives early signs before a fall.


Pradeep Bonde said...

When breadth reaches extreme there is a probability of correction.

jdno said...

Can you tell me what this part of the TC2K code does, or is there a syntax error here:

Volume 3 days =true


Pradeep Bonde said...

MINV3.1 > 1000
Means the volume in last 3 days prior to today was higher than 100000.

Renu said...

Hello sir,

could you plese tell how to write your momentum stock finding formula for amibroker.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I do not use Amibroker. You can convert it in to Amibroker by understanding the logic of the scan.