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No major follow through on selling

  • No follow through on selling.
  • A light rebound as new sectors started rallying.
  • Gold was the major theme today.
  • Dip buyers were active in many stocks.

    Market Monitor
    Market monitor is market breadth
    based market timing tool

    Current Readings
    Market is in correction.

    Type IndicatorValue Comments

    Daily# of stocks up >4% on high volume148
    19 stocks with 100 million plus dollar volume.(M$V)
    Sector trend
    Gold : abx gg nem aem auy kgc gold gfi slw
    That is lot of money flowing in gold sector
    Health insurance: UNH and HUM

    Daily# of stocks down>4% on high volume 81No follow through selling.
    5 stocks with 100 million plus M$V
    Primary# of stocks up >25% in a quarter1531
    Primary# of stocks down>25% in a quarter383

    Secondary # of stocks up> 50% in a month7
    Secondary # of stocks down>50% in a month0In ideal scenario you would want this to climb to 20 so that
    you can then expect a counter trend bounce.
    Secondary # of stocks up>25% in a month46Rapid deterioration in this.
    Highest readings was 875 in last 20 days.
    Secondary # of stocks down>25% in a month52.
    # of stocks up>13% in 34 days1460 This will be the first ratio to turn negative in correction.
    # of stocks down>13% in 34 days1095
    MMA+% of stocks in confirmed uptrend52Rapid drop from 71 to 52
    MMA-% of stocks in confirmed downtrend 17
    10 day
    #of stocks up> 4% in last 10 days/
    #of stocks down>4% in last 10 days
    A reading of below 0.5 on this will confirm bearish trend.


    renu said...


    what is MMA+ AND MMA-


    Pradeep Bonde said...

    MMA= multiple moving average.
    So MMA+ is % of stocks above their multiple moving average and _MMA is stocks below their Multiple moving average.

    renu said...

    thanks for reply one thing more what values do u take for your MMA.

    Pradeep Bonde said...

    Short Term EMA

    3 5 8 10 12 15

    Long Term EMA

    30 35 40 45 50 60