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What attracted me most was your take on trading - "most important starting point for successful trading is methodology and methodology trumps markets". I have learned a lot and greatly benefited in all aspects of trading since joining the member's only site - specifically:

1. Market breadth (market monitor) : Your market monitor method to identify when to enter the market for trading and when to sit in the sidelines. Along with market monitor, your explanation on other important market breadth indicators has helped me not only in trading, but also take wise decisions in other investment accounts (eg. IRA funds).

2. Equity selection (momentum / growth / event catalyst) : Your input on how to select equities based on momentum / growth /event catalyst has helped me to identify key stocks that are breaking out. Also valuable was your input on identifying low risk areas for entry into such stocks.

3. Risk management (position sizing / initial stop / exit) : Risk management is a key part of successful trading. Here again your input on position sizing, initial stop and exit strategies was extremely valuable.

I also liked the following about your member's only service:
a.) Shortened learning time about market with your daily description about Market using Market Monitor (daily explanation of how to make the market monitor talk to you)
b.) No black-box approach (You explain everything in very plain, easy to understand language, no hidden stuff!)
c.) Your response to members questions (email / comments section questions) has been excellent. You have responded to my every email and comments section in question and that too in a timely manner.
d.) Your reviews about many trading books and how to make good use of / incorporate those strategies in our trading

In short, I believe your member's only site is excellent, full of information. I have been with your member's only site for almost two years and will be a member for coming years as well. There is no substitute for your member's only site, your experience and service to members. You are truly an "easy" guru!


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