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NO DooDahs said...

I left a couple of links to your predictive (Barry will still be Bear-y) post on Seeking Alpha. Hope you get some traffic from it.

Good times to be long. Especially if your longs are working (mine are, at least, at the moment).

Walter said...


have you ever thought about charting those indicators that you track, like the number of new breakouts or number of stocks making new highs, etc.? charting them on a semi log axis could be interesting in terms of looking for trends

Pradeep Bonde said...

Individual stocks offer lots of opportunities in most environment.

My own custom designed software has that capability. But due to the amount of time it takes to process data as it crunches all the market history on all stocks everyday, I do not run some of these functionalities. The software needs updating but it has not been a top priority.
The logic is same as many other breadth indicator. I just twisted some things to get better results.The idea is not to use them for day to day trading but to look at them at extremes.