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Down Stocks

Selected stocks down 10% or more or down 5 points or more. Primarily the list is for generating multiday long short ideas. Not every stock on this list qualifies, in fact very few qualify as long term buy and sell.

Sometimes a major one day move kicks off a multi month or multi year rally.Most of such significant moves are precipitated by a new information about the company in terms of earnings, new products, new management, new industry dynamics, new discovery, new regulation, new news from sector,new overall market trend, new earning cycle, new pricing power, new merger/takeover industry dynamics, etc. New information creates price shocks.The new information in some case is so significant that it fundamentally alters market participants view of the stock or sector.
BHI,Baker Hughes Inc Earnings disappointment

BIDU, Inc earnings/guidance. Already in Episodic Pivot file.

ESLR,Evergreen Solar Incearnings

GVA,Granite Construction Inc- Forecast sharply lower revenue in one of its units in 2007

LUFK,Lufkin Industries Inc- earnings

RNWK,Realnetworks Inc earnings/guidance

TELN,Telenor Asa earnings

TWLL,Techwell Inc earnings/guidance

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