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Many ways to trade the significant move concept

The 'Double Trouble' is just one of the ways to trade the significant move concept. Depending on your skills you can try many variations of same concept on different time frames or different markets.
The basic concept is that a move of certain magnitude in a given time frame signals something about possible future direction. The concept allows you to narrow the trading universe to a small number of stocks with probability of making move. It offers a way to time entry on precipitation of certain moves.

Now here are couple of other things you can try:
1 A 25% plus move in a month
2 A short system based on stocks making significant move likely to revert
3 A quarterly move of 25% or more from a low
4 One day significant move
5 First significant move up or down in a stock over its entire trading life span
6 First significant move in earnings/sales or a significant move in earnings/sales compared to 4 or 8 quarters.
7 A cluster of significant moves in short period e.g 3 or more 5% plus moves on high volume in a month.

There are many ways to play the significant moves. Some of them will give you trading systems with significantly better results than ' Double Trouble'.


Art said...

I'm learning oh so much from your daily posts. Thank you so much for what you unselfishly share. You must be a very good person to be around.

Picked up ALTH this morning early, up 5% already. My question on one such as this, how long and how tough would you have to be to ride it till it is truly exhausted? When is the getout point?

Pradeep Bonde said...

I don't know how high ALTH will go, I would trail with a stop.