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Up stocks and down stocks

Selected stocks up or down 10% or more or up or down 5 points or more. Primarily the list is for generating multi-day long short ideas. Not every stock on this list qualifies, in fact very few qualify as long term buy and sell.

Sometimes a major one day move kicks off a multi-month or multi-year rally.Most of such significant moves are precipitated by a new information about the company in terms of earnings, new products, new management, new industry dynamics, new discovery, new regulation, new news from sector,new overall market trend, new earning cycle, new pricing power, new merger/takeover industry dynamics, etc. New information creates price shocks.The new information in some case is so significant that it fundamentally alters market participants view of the stock or sector.

Episodic pivots can often offer major low risk buy or sell opportunities.

Down Stocks

BMRN,Biomarin Pharmaceuticals was down on news that its hypertension drug did not beat placebo in trials.

WLK,Westlake Chemical Corp
earnings dive due to lower selling prices and unscheduled plant closing.

Up Stocks

ACY,Aerocentury Corp
this is an earnings breakout from few weeks ago. It has a small float of 1.02 million. Now in a runaway mode.

ANSS,Ansys Inc earnings

BABY,Natus Medical beats street expectations.

CBLI,Cleveland BioLabs Inc up since January. Driven by new drug under discovery for protecting good cells during cancer radiation. It also had favorable mention in Barron's. Already in episodic portfolio list.

FOSL,Fossil Inc earnings

KBW,KBW Inc recent IPO breaking out on earnings. 15 million float. Earnings tripled in recent quarters. Episodic pivot portfolio .

KRSL,Kreisler Manufacturing stock has doubled in 4 days since its earning lead breakout. Now you know why I focus on earnings lead breakouts. 20-25 plays like this in a quarterly earnings season can be very good for making high returns. Float of 1.0 million.

LCRD,Lasercard Corporation identification technology company up on expectation of large orders after Italy mandated optical national ID. Keep in episodic list.

NYNY,Empire Resorts Inc
cleared to build new casino.

POT,Potash Cp Saskatchewan this is a indirect play on corn and ethanol. All those farms need fertilisers.

ROAC,Rock Of Ages Corp death is good business. Funeral services related stocks have risen from multi year slump in recent months. ROAC operates quarries for granite blocks used in cemeteries. It is up on earnings news.

RRST,RRsat Glo Comm Network Ltd Ord
recent IPO up on new machine installation news at customer location.

SA,Seabridge Gold Inc up on news of new gold/copper discovery.

SALM,Salem Communications Cla up on news of acquisition of Christian Music Planet.

SPIR,Spire Corp
up on new order news

TSL,Trina Solar Ltd.
is up after a pullback on earnings. Already in episodic pivot portfolio . Solar energy sector is currently red hot.

TXI,Texas Industries Inc
sector move related to FRK acquisition.

UTHR,United Therapeutics Corp earnings lead breakout.

VDSI,Vasco Data Security Intl
earnings lead breakout. Already in episodic portfolio. The online security for financial transactions is growth business currently.

VTAL,Vital Images Inc earnings breakout.

XMSR,Xm Satellite Radio Hldgs
merger with SIRI.

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