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The bears are never wrong

CXO Advisory Group has the best take on what is a bear's perspective on a bull market. The cartoon accompanying the post is even better.

When the market trend challenges their beliefs, what do we hear from market "experts"?

I am not wrong; most people are just too stupid to understand what's going on.

My arguments are really good. It's only a matter of time until I'm right. (I am not wrong, just early.)

I never guaranteed that what I predicted would happen. I just said it probably would based on history.

If the Plunge Protection Team (or hedge funds or big brokers) hadn't manipulated the market, I would have been right.

I may be wrong on a lot of little things, but I'm right on the big ones.

I was wrong (thank goodness), but following my advice didn't cost that much. If I'd been right, and you didn't follow my advice, you'd be wiped out.

What I said in public may have looked wrong, but what I privately told clients was dead-on.

How could I be wrong if I'm so rich and famous?

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