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Up stocks and down stocks

Selected stocks up or down 10% or more or up or down 5 points or more. Primarily the list is for generating multi-day long short ideas. Not every stock on this list qualifies, in fact very few qualify as long term buy and sell.

Sometimes a major one day move kicks off a multi-month or multi-year rally.Most of such significant moves are precipitated by a new information about the company in terms of earnings, new products, new management, new industry dynamics, new discovery, new regulation, new news from sector,new overall market trend, new earning cycle, new pricing power, new merger/takeover industry dynamics, etc. New information creates price shocks.The new information in some case is so significant that it fundamentally alters market participants view of the stock or sector.

Episodic pivots can often offer major low risk buy or sell opportunities.

Down Stocks

AMC,American Mtg Acceptance
reduces guidance.

CAPA,Captaris Inc earnings/guidance. Sales slipped.

QDEL,Quidel Corp earnings/guidance

TCHC,21st Century Holdings revokes previous guidance.

Up Stocks

BMJ,Birks & Mayors Inc Class A Voting jewelry stores operator up on recent earnings.

CNTF,China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited a handset application software and handset solution provider based in China, is up on recent earnings news and broker upgrades.

DITC,Ditech Networks Inc
the telecom-equipment maker, is up on beating the street estimates.

DTC,Domtar Inc
move is related to offer to exchange common shares of Domtar Corporation for common shares of Weyerhaeuser Company.

EGLT,Eagle Test Systems Inc
up on no apparent news.

GMET,GeoMet IncVirginia Supreme Court vacated a temporary injunction affecting completion of a pipeline interconnect between a key gas field and an interstate pipeline.

HITT,Hittite Microwave Corp
posted better-than-expected fourth-quarter results and offered an earnings guidance above Wall Street's forecast.File under episodic pivot buy list.

HURC,Hurco Companies Inc earnings/guidance

JRJC,China Finance Online Co Ltdwhich provides online data on securities that trade on mainland bourses has been volatile in last couple of weeks. Earnings are scheduled for 27 th Feb.

KRSL,Kreisler Manufacturing follow through from recent earnings lead breakout.

LTXX,Ltx Corp earnings/analyst upgrade

MCBF,Monarch Community Bancorp Inc going private.

MHK,Mohawk Industries Inc carpet and flooring company reported better-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings

ONXX,Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc follow through from recent post earnings breakout.

PCR,Perini Corp fourth-quarter earnings were more than double Wall Street's expectation.

SLP,Simulations Plus Inc is up over 437% in last one year from low. The move was triggered by Roche order in December. Since then there has been more customer acquisitions. Already in episodic pivot list.

STMP,Stamps.com Inc beats expectations.

TONS,Novamerican Steel Inc
up on no apparent news. There has been lot of merger related activity in steel sector, so this might be worth keeping an eye on. Float is just 3.19 million.


garytt said...

Looks like another good day for growth stocks including some on this list. CBLI and KRSL are up over 15%. KRSL is a good play on the commercial aircraft boom. Anything to do with this sector is on fire including specialized steel and alloys.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Things are flying currently. All things are working as long as you are long. But as of end of day again things like 50% plus in month and 65 day bull bears are moving in to yellow zone.