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Try and buy near swing start

Try and buy near swing start if you are a swing trader.

However good a stock is always try and buy near swing start point.

That is your lowest risk entry if swing takes off.

Where did this swing on TWTR start?

Which day was the best buy day?

If you buy on 3rd or 5th day of swing ask yourself what were you doing on day one of swing start.

Where did the swing start on this stock EMES. Which was ideal buy day. What will happen if you buy it here. 

Investors buy anywhere based on tips or newsletter or whatever method they use. But swing traders can not do that. 

Swing traders reduce their risk by buying at right swing start zones. 

This is very important thing to learn as swing trader. And equally important for position trader. 

If you buy right you reduce your risk substantially and your stops work.

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