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How many good momentum burst setups you can find

The number of setups like I detailed in my last post about SSYS and HIMX can depend on market conditions. But on daily basis you will find more than you can buy.

For example today besides SSYS and HIMX as of now I have following good stocks showing up in scans:


For trader serious about making money trading all you need to do is setup your scans and wait for setups like this to show up. There is always next train if you are trading these kind of setups. You don't need to know anything about these companies to make money from these setups. I do not know anything about what SSYS or HIMX does. What is important is quality of setup.

Setups like these work because structurally range expansion tends to attract more buyers in next shorter timeframe. Obviously there is a bit of artistry involved in trading these and more you trade it better you become at finding the right one to focus on. 

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