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If you want to make serious money trading

If you want to make serious money trading you need to have some sort of an edge. Most active traders have a small edge but they exploit it using good risk management and compounding.

Successful traders who have survived the market for decades and made serious money will tell you that their edge is very specific and it is their ability to exploit it is the key. They find many ways to exploit that edge. They find bunch of small edges and trade them together to extract money out of the market. If the market changes and their edge blunts they find another kind of edge.

Beginners and less skilled traders are in search of big edge that will find them stocks that will double or triple in few months and preferably it should happen with minimum effort and should not involve day to day involvement in market.

If you are serious about making money find small edges to begin with. Once in a while you might get big winners but that is not what professional depend on .

Most of the edges used by successful traders are not very difficult to find in todays age of blogs and youtube and twitter. But because they are small edges new traders do not understand or appreciate it.  

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