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A powerful technique to improve your trading

Visualize your ideal trade several times in a day.

This is a very powerful way to train your mind to find the right kind of trade. I use this technique daily multiple times in a day. 

I have templates for ideal trades on each of the method I trade and know exactly what to look for either in a breakout or anticipation setup. I mentally rehearse these trades several times in a day , hundreds of times in a week , and thousands of times in a month. So when I see an ideal situation the decision is instantly made. This also helps you avoid marginal setups.

In early years I had booklets of hundreds of historical patterns I would like to trade identified and printed. I use to carry these booklet everywhere and review them at least 10 times a day. That kind of memory training exercise helps you shorten your learning curve. 

Obviously to do something right this you must have a very clear idea of what to look for in a good setup. Else you might end up practicing the wrong things.

Sports uses this technique extensively as it has shown to improve your performance.

If you are serious about making money trading then use these practical psychology tools to enhance your trading. There are bunch of these kind of simple techniques you can use to increase your profits.

Visualise what would be your ideal trade. How would you enter. Where would you put stop. Where would you exit.

Simulated practice helps you build automaticity and helps with discipline. But for that you have to do it many times.

This is a practical way to improve your trading psychology everyday.

Visualize your ideal Episodic Pivots (EP) trade I am looking for 

These are the kind of Episodic Pivots trade I look for.

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