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The man in Orange tracksuit

Today the man was in neon  bright orange tracksuit.

Everyday morning I go for a hour long walk around our neighborhood. Everyday I see one gentleman who walks without fail exactly at same time and same manner and everyday wears a different color track suit.

He has 7 colored track suits , matching colored T shirt, socks, and I am sure his undies must be orange too. 

I would not even want to be seen dead with those kind of bright neon colored track suits he wears and I wonder where he finds them. 

He walks everyday at same time , same route and on same side of road. He never says hello or smiles if you say hello to him. I am wanting to talk to him for long time. I see him daily from spring to fall walking.

Running your setups and doing same things day in and day out is similar boring task, and may be I am thinking having 5 multi colored shorts to make it more interesting and add some color to my trading.

Everyday I look for two types of opportunities, a swing trade opportunity which can make 8 to 40% move in few days and an Episodic Pivots kind opportunity to find a stock likely to make big 100 to 300% plus moves.

Everyday I go through my anticipation scans to generate ideas for next day that might breakout. 

Everyday I have a set routine to go through opportunities generated by these scans and to if a god candidate shows up there is set routine to enter and manage that trade.

Every Friday I have set routine for 401k. I run my scans and spend less than 5 minutes deciding if any changes are needed. 

Everyday I do a summary of IBD in the morning looking for big growth stories and compile my watchlist.

Everyday I go through past one week winners to look at what has worked in past week and what tactical changes need to be done to account for current market changes.

Everyday i look at stocks that has doubled from 52 week low and study them to find common characters to look for in future winners. 

Once you get into that routine you develop a expertise on trading that particular setup.

Neon orange tracksuit is optional. 

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