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Simplest way to improve your trading

Surround yourself with successful traders. Stop hanging out with whiners and bears.

If you can do that then it will change your thinking. Hanging out with  successful traders  will improve your aspiration level and skills. It will help you improve your  motivation.

Successful traders are constantly trying to improve their game, they handle setbacks better, they are process oriented. That will help you improve your trading. 

If you spend your time with bunch of whiners and low aspiration level traders who complain all the time about market and other things, no matter how much you try you will be dragged down to their level.

As the saying goes you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Have a good hard look at people you surround yourself and the kind of sites, blogs, social media forums you hang out  with,  and if you are not happy with that situation change them. This is completely under your control.

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