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Weakest ranked stocks

The Fed meeting has resulted in a bout of selling. As of now the futures indicate more selling. The emerging markets are the most hard hit market. The easy money party for them seem to be over and asset allocation out of them is happening rapidly.

Our markets have shown tendency to bounce back from such 2 to 3 day sell off. Let us see if that holds true now. Underlying setups on many momentum stocks still look good.

Let us look at some of the weakest stocks in the market. These are stocks ranked in bottom 25 by 3 month momentum and are priced 20 plus . They also have minimum liquidity of 100000 plus shares traded every day for last 3 days.

Bottom 25 ranked stocks

  1. irm
  2. rax
  3. agnc
  4. mtge
  5. swi
  6. pbf
  7. axll
  8. rhp
  9. mitt
  10. sqm
  11. cbd
  12. cg
  13. tck
  14. bap
  15. abv
  16. fmx
  17. vclk
  18. pmt
  19. scco
  20. fe
  21. exc
  22. dk
  23. cli
  24. hmsy
  25. hr

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