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Top Ranked Stocks by Momentum

The top ranked momentum stocks continue to hold well. The damage in market is focused on gold/silver, metal and utilities. The bottom pickers is gold and silver continue to try their luck without much success.

OSTK from the Top Ranked Momentum universe continues to be one of the best looking setup as of now.

Top Ranked Stocks

Stocks ranked by 252 day momentum. Stocks with only 100k plus shares traded in last 3 days considered.

  1. RVLT  number one ranked currently. continues to build a base for possible b/o
  2. ACAD
  3. SRPT
  4. MTG
  5. RSOL this was a pump and dump on Seeking Alpha now giving up all the pump day gains. 
  6. CHCI pulled back post earnings breakout
  7. CLWR
  8. ECTY
  9. CLVS digesting gains from big drug news. Setting up for possible breakout
  10. NXST
  11. VIPS lot of recent selling
  12. TCL the media sector is on fire currently
  13. SPWR solar continue to hold gains during market correction
  14. CBK this has reversed
  15. YRCW truckers continue to show good action
  16. GTN another media stock
  17. EVC and yet another
  18. CSIQ solar stock. Breaking out of consolidation yesterday.
  19. AEGR 
  20. SUNE another solar play
  21. AMRI
  22. ADUS 
  23. GMCR earnings gap up holding gain so far
  24. KERX 
  25. SNTS has been in multi month uptrend
  26. OSTK very nice setup plus recent earnings acceleration
  27. RDN
  28. TMUs
  29. TSLA holding up gains
  30. JKS another solar stock....

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