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OSTK worth watching

The market suffered gap down as global market sell off hit the US shores. IKt was a whipsaw territory with some recent breakouts gapping down. There was an attempted bounce, but it failed. However the breadth was not overwhelmingly negative. The $bpnya is down to 74 from elevated levels of 79 few weeks ago.

The vast majority of stocks continue to hold their gains and the setups on the momentum stocks continue to show continuation pattern rather than topping patterns. Lot more selling will be required for those setups to deteriorate.

Top 30 stocks by momentum

  1. CLVS
  2. LAS
  3. VNDA
  4. PLUG
  5. MNKD
  6. YRCW
  7. VRML
  8. CSIQ
  9. ZLC
  10. CLSN
  11. LPTH
  12. HTCH
  13. TSLA
  14. ENG
  15. AEGR
  16. DANG
  17. BLDP
  18. CLFD
  19. SUNE
  20. MVIS
  21. TSRO
  22. IMMU
  23. TEAR
  24. ACAD
  25. CLNT
  26. HSOL
  27. HUSA
  28. NLST
  29. ACRX
  30. INSM
  31. ESI
  32. TMUS
  33. OSTK
  34. ET
  35. NVTL
  36. YY
  37. ABFS
  38. ANW
  39. WTSL
  40. PXLW
  41. KNDI
  42. BIOD
  43. MTSN
  44. IQNT
  45. JASO
  46. PCO
  47. UNIS 
  48. SCTY
  49. STEI
  50. ACTV
TSLA, YRCW, OSTK, WTSL, and RH are some of the stocks setting up well. OSTK is the best out of that with recent earnings surprise. 

Any high volume breakout on this will make me a buyer . It also has low float and comparatively high short interest with 24% of float short. This kind of situation can lead to explosive moves. 


zephyro said...

Hi stockbee,

love your blog! Like you, I also focus on earnings breakouts but with an additional value filter. My screen triggered buys on OSTK @ $17 and YRCW @ $12. Based on previous posts about your strategy (e.g. 'Serendipity, little luck and discovery of a profitable strategy') I'd have assumed you were also in OSTK and YRCW already, has anything changed?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Currently in cash due to market conditions. So do not have any open positions.