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No serious selling so far

The markets have been driven higher by Fed QE3. In last few weeks a hint of Fed tapering off QE has put little bit of pressure on the market. We have seen series of negative days. But no serious selling so far. A range bound action is happening at this stage.

The stocks with momentum continue to act well. Some are extended , some are reversing after a big move, and some are setting up for further gains. 

When market undergoes correction, many stocks with momentum continue to hold their gains and when market breakout to high again, they breakout. A consolidation/range bound action like we see currently is good for creating good setups on momentum stocks. 

MNKD is one of the stocks from Top 25 stocks by momentum that is possibly setting up for further gain. 

  1. vrml
  2. clnt
  3. yrcw
  4. scty
  5. tsla
  6. plug
  7. htch
  8. vnda
  9. rsol
  10. mnkd
  11. jaso
  12. insm
  13. sdbt
  14. mobi
  15. husa
  16. nsph
  17. zlc
  18. tmus
  19. noah
  20. hsol
  21. rvlt
  22. aegr
  23. vrtb
  24. ostk
  25. unis

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