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The underlying setups in momentum stocks

The momentum stocks operate in the context of overall market trend. But many of them go their own way. On a negative day like today at open, the one that buck the selling are something to keep an eye on.

Going through around 200 stocks ranked by momentum yesterday night, there were lot of them holding up very well. You will see stocks like nflx, oww, llen, nxst, rmbs, diod, imos, pcrx, ilmn, staa, mini, byd, wetf, glf and many others holding up well. Most of them are going sideways and potentially those kind of moves resolve in breakout.

Unless we see damage to underlying setups, the benefit of doubt is still to bullish side.

Top 25 stocks by momentum

  1. las
  2. clvs
  3. vnda
  4. plug
  5. yrcw
  6. csiq
  7. mnkd
  8. clsn
  9. zlc
  10. tsla
  11. htch
  12. lpth
  13. aegr
  14. eng
  15. dang
  16. bldp
  17. husa
  18. clnt
  19. sune
  20. mvis
  21. nsph
  22. hsol
  23. tear
  24. immu
  25. insm
Focusing on momentum stocks keep you in the fastest moving stocks in the market. These are the stocks the market favors currently for whatever reason. 

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