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Emerging market weakness

The emerging market are tanking in last few days. Most of them are down 8 to 10% in few weeks. All signs point to asset relocation trades out of them. The emerging markets have historically been vulnerable to such hot money flows.

The US market so far has held up well and is down just around 4% from high. How long it can hold , we do not know. But it is time to be cautious and protect capital. One of the advantage individual investors have is speed and flexibility. You don't have to play in unfavorable circumstances unless you are day trading.

Corrections like these lead to churn in momentum ranking. But the top 200 stocks with momentum are the one to watch closely during this time as some of them hold up well and wait out the correction. When the market bounces back the stocks with momentum are not the only one which bounce back, but stock ranked at bottom by momentum also bounce back and often make big moves. So watching both end of momentum spectrum during correction is good to find future winners. 

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