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What is your trading plan for 2011

It is time of the year when many  traders start thinking about plans for next year. For next 10 days I will be  focusing  on planning for 2011 on members site. I will detail steps to take for planning for market beating performance in 2011.
The specific areas of focus will be:
  • Do you have a core strategy to extract profit from the market
  • Why you must think in setup terms
  • How to plan for knowledge enhancement
  • How to fill your skill gaps
  • How to track latest market research
  • How to take inventory of your tools and eliminate unwanted tools and subscriptions.
  • How to analyze you 2010 trades.
  • How to develop reality based trading plan for 2011
  • How to execute your plans
  • How to develop a simple strategy for managing your 401K and beat the market with it. 
  • How I tripled my money in last 2 years using a very  simple momentum strategy. 


Pete said...

Pradeep, from following your blog past few weeks I'm fully aware that you prefer going long on stocks that have above average momentum. Or saying that you prefer stocks whose price is in upper right hand corner of chart vs. opposite:) That brings up a question. Would you ever consider an underperforming stock that has put in a long bottoming phase after a major decline, then it starts turning up on increasing volume and taking out resistance areas of its low base? An example would be EK breakout on 12/9. Thanks. Pete.

Pradeep Bonde said...

EK is already in our momentum universe and breakout around 4.75 was a buy on it by my method.