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It has been an amazing ride this year. At one point today I was up 78% for the year. While fumbling back and forth on thinkorswim charts I noticed that CHGS had hit a high of 6.74 today, and was at 6.18 when I decided to exit. It was a day trade anyway as I had gotten in at 4.95.
In any event, as it is 11:47PM for me, I am calling it a day. I'm looking at my ToS account right now and I am up 68.63% for the year. I won't trade anymore so that is official. Now I need to promptly take out X amount for taxes.
The above has only been possible thanks to this site and easyguru. Of course all of the miscellaneous posts with various ideas have been incredibly helpful. Happy New Year everyone!
Oh, by the way, the above gains are for my trading account and the effective start date is 20 July 2010 through the end date of today, 30 Dec 2010.



MP said...

Hi Pradeep,

I am very keen on your method. I generally trade Singapore and Hong Kong stocks. Do you think your method will help for these 2 markets ?

I need to hear your feedback... lol.

Happy new year !!


Pradeep Bonde said...

It might be possible to adopt them to other markets. I do have members from other countries and they have traded similar approach in their market.

But my primary focus is only US market and I do not know whether same thing will work in any other market.

But as far as I know momentum is universal phenomenon.