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How many monitors do you need

I am often asked about what kind of computers to use for trading and how many monitor.
My advise is simple, unless you are day trading use the least number of monitors and use the cheapest computers.
In my experience most machines don't last more than 3 years. So I buy the cheapest hardware I can get.
Currently I use one desktop PC and one laptop with added monitor. If I was not running this site and members site, I would be trading with just one computer.
People made money in the market before computers were around. More powerful hardware and more monitor are not going to make you more profitable trader. 
More powerful setup idea will.
Instead of spending lot of money on hardware spend money and effort on finding more powerful setup ideas.  

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Pete said...

Pradeep, I agree with you 100%. I am an active full time trader since 1998 and today I use one desktop computer with ONE 20 inch monitor. I have a laptop as backup with duplicate software. The key to using a single monitor is that it has high resolution and that the computer has plenty of RAM. I keep all my programs open and toggle between them by clicking taskbar buttons. My main screen setup shows my active live streamer which I also trade from (QuoteTracker integrated with both my brokers) and Telechart. Both these programs are displayed simultaneously as I downside each about half their full screen size. QT is on left side of screen and on right side is Telechart. All along the taskbar at bottom of screen are active websites I frequently use. KISS, less is more.