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Stocks up 50 % plus in a month

10 stocks are up 50% plus in a month:

ARB,Arbitron Inc
CBPO,China Biologic Products Inc
CHTP,Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd
CPWM,Cost Plus Inc California
EXEL,Exelixis Inc
FNSR,Finisar Corporation
ITMN,Intermune Inc
MTXX,Matrixx Initiatives Inc
VRGY,Verigy Ltd
WGO,Winnebago Industries Inc


Pete said...

Welcome back Pradeep.

MTXX is probably dead money for anyone trading it at current prices...the big spike 12/14 result of a buyout. It's been my experience that stock prices of buyouts and mergers trade in a very, very tight range post buyout/merger, offering little if any edge for traders or new investors. FWIW. And Merry Christmas.


Pradeep Bonde said...

You are right the buyout candidates go sideways unless deal falls through.